Free California State Forms and Attorney Listings


What do I need to know about the free forms for California?

Each state has a variety of free forms available. We have pulled together several of the most common free forms related to estate planning. These typically, but don’t always include: advance care directives, several power of attorney forms, form letters and more.

Some of these documents may answer your questions or help you along the process and some may leave you with more questions. The forms and documents listed here are not a replacement for an attorney. If you do need or want more definitive answers on a legal question find an estate attorney using our GYST List.

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Free Documents

California Downloadable State Forms and Documents

Below you'll find the GYST collection of documents and forms we've collected for California.

We're currently updating our Free State Documents.

In the meantime, we've partnered with Rocket Lawyer to provide all the necessary forms and documents.

Legal Help

GYST List of Attorneys

This is where it gets real, and sometimes you just need to lawyer up.

Hiring a professional to lead you through a complicated legal process can be priceless. Of course, you'll want an estate attorney with solid experience. We can help. Here is the GYST list of estate attorneys for California.

Find out more about our attorney selection criteria and Avvo rating system.

NameCityAvvo RatingAttorney Profile on Avvo
James BirnbergEncino9.9View James' Profile on Avvo
Robert SullivanFresno8.9View Robert's Profile on Avvo
Matthew BrownIrvine10.0View Matthew's Profile on Avvo
John RogersLos Angeles9.4View John's Profile on Avvo
Sussan ShoreLos Angeles9.0View Sussan's Profile on Avvo
Bruce RossLos Angeles10.0View Bruce's Profile on Avvo
Robin KlomparensMather10.0View Robin's Profile on Avvo
David GawNapa10.0View David's Profile on Avvo
Michael VollmerNewport Beach9.0View Michael's Profile on Avvo
Stuart ZimringNorth Hollywood8.9View Stuart's Profile on Avvo
Virginia PalmerOakland10.0View Virginia's Profile on Avvo
Margaret RoismanOakland10.0View Margaret's Profile on Avvo
Kim SchoknechtPalo Alto9.1View Kim's Profile on Avvo
Peter SternPalo Alto9.6View Peter's Profile on Avvo
Carol KaoSan Diego10.0View Carol's Profile on Avvo
Jeremy CrickardSan Diego10.0View Jeremy's Profile on Avvo
Jack CharneySan Diego10.0View Jack's Profile on Avvo
Robert TemmermanSan Jose10.0View Robert's Profile on Avvo
Patrick KohlmannSan Jose10.0View Patrick's Profile on Avvo
Laurence DugoniSan Mateo10.0View Laurence's Profile on Avvo
John AmbrechtSanta Barbara9.1View John's Profile on Avvo
Elizabeth PiersonSanta Monica8.6View Elizabeth's Profile on Avvo

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Other Helpful and Interesting State Links

US Living Will Registry is a fee based site for registering your living will documents, they help facilitating communication with physicians and storage of these documents.

National Organ Donation is an easy to use site, you can share your wishes with friends and family and also specify which organs you want to have donated.

Because we all need a moment to smile, check out Dumb Laws to see how your California state legislature has been spending your tax dollars.

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GYST has compiled a directory of Estate Planning Attorneys, that meet the following criteria:

1. Recognized by the The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (formerly known as The American College of Probate Counsel) a nonprofit association of lawyers. Members have over ten years of experience in the active preparation of wills, trusts, estate planning and probate procedure.

2. Attorneys received a ranking of 8 or higher from Avvo, a for-profit leading consumer resource that uses an unbiased mathematical formula to rank licensed attorneys on a scale of 1 (Extreme Caution) to 10 (Superb) for estate planning in their respective markets. In some cases, our team was unable to find attorneys who satisfied criteria # 1 AND had a rating of 8.0 or higher. In these cases, we listed those attorneys whose rating was highest among their ACTEC Fellow peer set.