Webinar: Estate planning and digital assets

So much of our lives are online now—finances, banking, investing, and accounting. Our entertainment is online—Netflix, gaming accounts, our music. Even our social lives are online.

You probably deal with digital assets on a daily basis. But what’s your plan for that digital “stuff” after you’re gone? Can you simply hand over a document with your passwords, or is it more complicated than that? (Spoiler alert: It’s more complex.)

Protect My Plans, a service that manages the transition or retirement of your digital assets after your death, has partnered with GYST to offer a webinar on exactly this topic.


Watch Recording Here

What you'll learn: 

  • What digital assets are, exactly
  • How to plan for the administration of your digital assets
  • The legal aspects of managing and preparing your digital estate
  • What will happen to your digital estate if you do or don’t protect them
  • How you can ensure your digital assets are accessible to loved ones
  • Practical tips and tools to help you preserve your digital “stuff”

Who should attend:

Anyone who needs to include digital assets in their estate plan. That’s everyone who has digital assets of any kind.

We encourage you to register even if you can’t make the live webinar, as all registered participants will receive a link to the video which you can watch on your own schedule – and you’ll receive any follow up materials.


Phil Shigo (CEO, GYST)

Phil is an entrepreneur who believes passionately in new ideas that show the potential to move the world forward. Phil co-founded GYST after the loss of his mother required he take over caring for his father. He wanted to help make the hard transitions we all face easier to manage. Learn more about Phil’s GYST story here.

Andy Strauss, Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning & Probate Law

Andy Strauss’ North Carolina practice includes the full spectrum of complex estate planning, estate tax planning, and asset protection planning. He is a 1978 graduate of Georgetown University School of Law and a member of the North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania State Bars.  In 2016, American Lawyer and Martindale-Hubbell™ recognized him as a Top Rated Lawyer in Trust & Estates.

Akhil Mittal, VP Product and Operations, Co-Founder, DCS

Akhil is an accomplished leader with a passion for innovative solutions to help in everyday life. As a Co-Founder at DCS Akhil leads the product strategy to address customer needs and manages the business operations. He has an MBA from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.