Review of Willing for Creating Your Will

Is Willing the Right Choice for You?l

Overview of Willing

Online will services offers a variety of options at varying price points. GYST reviewed three online services and Willing received a “Good” rating. There were four main criteria for our review: Estate planning documents and cost, ease of use, customer service and security and editing and revision abilities.

GYST Rating: Good

Feels modern and consumer friendly, the most basic of wills is free, but if you have minor children you will need to pay $49 to include guardians in the document, documents are immediately available for download, but overall the site feel lite and not as robust or secure as the others in this category, but they are the ones to keep an eye on as a start up in this space.


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Documents and Cost

Last will and testament very basic is free, then they have upgrade options that include: $49 naming guardians, $99 for guardians, living will and power of attorney or $249 for a revocable trust, guardians, living will and power of attorney. Their pricing program is a bit confusing compared to other sites.

Last Will and Testament

A simple, almost fun questionnaire with big buttons and an overall look and feel that is more modern and friendly than others in the category and you are done in less than 10 minutes. They also do a good job collecting contact information about trustees and executors and even help send off emails to notify them of their role, if you choose. No other service includes this option. They provided some useful information related to funeral planning and estimated costs for those choices.

Security and Safety

They have SSL encryption, but they are still a newer organization and they don’t have some of the privacy and security that the others in this category have like TRUSTe's or Norton Secured Sea. Their documents are downloaded as PDF’s.

Customer Service and Support

Live chat and phone support are available, however, there were no offers for attorney interaction which can be useful when creating these legal documents. There is no apparent way to search the site for answers to questions, although along the way in the questionnaire there is good support and useful information.

Revisions and Editing

Easy to edit and with the free will package you can edit it whenever you want, there are not restrictions. Once you buy into the package, let’s say the $49 package to include guardianship for minors, there are no restrictions on making changes, likewise for all their other upgrade packages. That is a really nice feature, because having that flexibility to make changes can be costly with all the other packages and over time you might want to change guardians, add assets or change beneficiaries.

What do other reviews say about Willing?

Policy Genius

”It starts with the aesthetics, which seems like a small thing to be impressed with, but it really makes a difference. From the moment you go to Willing’s website, you know it’ll be easy to use. The layout is clean and it isn’t bogged down with legal jargon or iTunes-terms-of-service-level walls of text that you can only assume are trying to trick you into agreeing to something you normally wouldn’t.”


JoinCake Blog

“Willing is an online solution that aims to make the creation of wills easier than ever. This website has a modern feel and doesn’t host any intrusive ads on its site. It has not been out for long….their future plans include implementing a feature to help you make funeral arrangements.”


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