The GYST Review of Rocket Lawyer for Creating Your Will

The GYST Review of Rocket Lawyer for Creating Your Will

Overview of Rocket Lawyer

Online will services offers a variety of options at varying price points. GYST reviewed three online services and Rocket Lawyer received our top rating. There were four main criteria for our review: Estate planning documents and cost, ease of use, customer service and security and editing and revision abilities.

GYST Rating: Best

Comprehensive, secure, quality support, documents available immediately for download, and affordable.


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Documents and Costs

Living will, power of attorney, last will and testament and living trust documents are all available for free for one week, after which it will cost you $39.95 per month. One week to get your shit together for free isn’t too much to ask in our opinion. All documents are immediately available for download as PDF’s once you complete the intake questionnaire.

Rocket Lawyer

Last Will and Testament

Very thorough online questionnaire, which will take you a good 30 minutes or more to do it right, but once completed it contains not only all the contact information for the key roles, but also includes setting up a trust for your children and distribution of assets, pet coverage, final remains wishes, digital asset information including account numbers and passwords if you want to record them. It is the most comprehensive of the sites we reviewed.

Security and Safety

Rocket Lawyer will store your documents for a fee with Document Defense, and they do not sell or use your personal data. The document is in PDF form for you and even if you cancel your free trial you can re-start and edit your document at a later date if you sign back in. They use SSL and 128 bit data encryption to protect your data with Norton Secured Seal.

Customer Service and Support

Live chat, phone support, and in the questionnaire you can leave a questions for an attorney and they will email you within one business day. Lastly, but important for the DIY type, there is plenty of built in support, detailed answers to questions and extra explanations for terms like assets, definition of trust, or examples of gifts.

Rocket Lawyer Rocket Lawyer

Revisions and Editing

Editing your questions is relatively easy, although you do need to step through all the steps to find the one you want to edit. Rocket Lawyer allows you to edit your document at any time even if you have cancelled your account, they still keep your sign in and make your documents available. This could be really useful if you want to update a guardian, contact information or gift details.

What do other reviews say about Rocket Lawyer?

Top Consumer Reviews

”This form is longer than the other online wills we rated, so it takes a bit longer to complete. However, when you are finished, you'll have a more detailed will. Although some of the questions might initially seem a little intimidating to a novice, Rocket Lawyer provides quality help and advice for every question, and your final will is produced by professional attorneys.”

”Once your form is completed, you can either print it right away or download it at any time. Rocket Lawyer allows you to edit your document as much as you want, and they provide online storage”

Top Ten Reviews

“You can also use this program to create supportive documents, such as caregiver and survivor instructions, and final-arrangement directives. If you find that you need to throw away a current will and start again, Rocket Lawyer helps you create the revocation documents you need to declare it null and void before starting over again.”


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