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Accountability: Getting your shit together is a team sport.

Weight watchers practices it, research shows it and every sports coach out there knows it. Setting a clear goal, breaking down the steps, and making yourself accountable to someone to show up and meet it, are the magic ingredients to kick some ass on getting stuff done.

Choose your team. Who makes a good team member? Usually people who are invested in you being happy and well taken care of: spouses, partners, best friends, siblings, even your book club friends. Create your team by asking friends or family:

Create your team by inviting friends now:

Invite Your Team

You can also invite a group or host an event, like Amy did:

I have a will that is outdated and I've been thinking I need to do something about that, bank accounts scattered far and wide with no good organization, and I need to deal with that, too.  But I never do. And then I read on Facebook about a GYST group where a bunch of friends got together and got their shit together - with guidance - and I was like yes! I can do this - I can have a party! And you are invited.

GYST Tip: Thank them. Include a note of thanks and gratitude - thanking them in advance - they will appreciate it and you'll both be better for it. That’s right, people who are grateful are also the happiest. 

Here's more on happiness and gratitude

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