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We have teamed up with Avvo, an online legal marketplace that helps people find and connect with the right lawyer. Avvo offers two easy options for people with legal questions. A free Q&A forum with more than 8 million searchable questions and answers allows people to ask their own legal question and receive answer from attorneys. Avvo Advisor provides concrete legal advice though a 15-minute phone call with a highly-reviewed lawyer for just $39.

"Avvo came through with a very knowledgeable attorney." May 2016

"Got a phone call within minutes. Very convenient." April 2016

"Nice to have a service that can answer questions quickly." April 2016

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A 15 minute call with a highly-reviewed attorney for just $39.

Calls are returned in 15 minutes or less.

Avvo Advisor is the simplest, most affordable way to get legal advice.

Post a question and get free advice from multiple lawyers.

Questions are often answered within 12 hours.

All questions are posted anonymously to protect your privacy.

What do I need to do? What do I need to do?

Select Estate Planning if that is the category you have a question about.

Enter your billing and contact information.

Upload a photo to help facilitate a conversation.

Submit and you will receive a call within 15 minutes.

Provide the key details around your situation.

Ask your question - there is a character limit so be concise.

Provide your city and state.

Preview and edit.

Create an Avvo account - use a social account or they only require an email and password.

Post and wait, you will receive an email once a lawyer has responded to your question.

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