Get to Know GYST

We believe life happens and the idea of not being alive is so overwhelming, most of us put off making plans. At GYST, we help everyday busy people put end-of-life plans together one small step at a time from Advanced Care Directives to managing your Digital Life.

Our Story

When life went sideways for each member of the team at GYST, we each found ourselves in incredibly personal and un-mistakenly individual tail-spin of worry, overwhelm, fear, grief, and sadly, even regret. But when we told each other our stories, the lessons were similar, the feelings universal, the experience was very similar – we all nodded our heads in the same, "Yes, I know.", "Me, too." and "Same here".

Turns out, while we felt very alone – most of the rest of the country is (or will be) in the same boat.

In fact, over half of the US is terribly unprepared (like we were) to answer the relatively easy question: "What happens if something happens?"

There has got to be a better way to plan for the best and be prepared for the worst – and that's what GYST is here to do. For all of us.

Our Team

Phil Shigo, Co-Founder & CEO at GYST Now, Inc.

Phil Shigo

Co-Founder & CEO

Phil Shigo is an entrepreneur who believes passionately in new ideas that show the potential to move the world forward. Prior to co-founding GYST, Phil was Managing Director at Creature, an independent creative agency with offices in Seattle and London. Phil spent over 15 years at Microsoft leading various efforts in product management, corporate marketing and business development was part of the co-founding team that developed Expedia.

Chanel Reynolds, Co-Founder & Founder of Get Your Shit Together at GYST Now, Inc.

Chanel Reynolds

Co-Founder & Founder of Get Your Shit Together

Chanel Reynolds is an author, co-founder of GYST and the founder of Get Your Shit Together. She is a digital professional, strategist, and consultant for mission-driven companies and organizations who founded Get Your Shit Together in 2013. She has reached millions worldwide with her story and 'kick in the pants' message to take care of the important things and has been featured in The New York Times, CBS This Morning and NPR. Read more about Chanel and her book, What Matters Most: The Get Your Sh*t Together Guide To Wills, Money, Insurance And Life's 'What-If's' on her website.

Jessica Ostrow, Co-Founder & Advisor at GYST Now, Inc.

Jessica Ostrow

Co-Founder & Advisor

Jessica Ostrow is an entrepreneur that is laser focused on bringing a modern solution to market, helping consumers get results around the important plans in life, GYST. She brings over 20 years' experience in developing business strategies, consumer and business-to-business marketing, technology product management as well as managing operations and working across global markets. She has led marketing communications and advertising organizations for leading brands at Microsoft, POSSIBLE, a WPP agency, as well as provided strategic marketing consulting services to technology companies including Getty Images, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others mobile and technology companies. Her passion is consumer products and services.

Chip Cressman, Lead Engineer at GYST Now Inc.

Chip Cressman

Lead Engineer

Chip Cressman is a web technology enthusiast based in Seattle, WA. As principle of Cressman Consulting, he works with a variety of cutting-edge startups, providing development support, platform architecture and product management. He previously held roles at VML, Moby Inc., and Glympse, working on award winning projects for some of the world's largest brands, including XBOX, T-Mobile, Telus, Microsoft, Fluke Biomedical, and the WPP Group. Outside work, Chip pretends to be a professional cocktailian, an amateur photographer, a part time long boarder, but only if the sun is shining.

Joe Alterio, Design and UX Lead at GYST Now, Inc.

Joe Alterio

Design and UX Lead

Joe Alterio is a digital-native creative director, storyteller, and designer, who has been pushing the digital medium forward while creating engaging and useful experiences. He's spoken at SXSW, SIC, SDCC and other venues about online experiences.

Joe Shepter


Joe Shepter is a freelance journalist and ghostwriter, primarily serving global executives in a range of industries. His clients routinely appear in major publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., The Huffington Post, and The Guardian; and their books have been accepted by major publishers, including Wiley and McGraw Hill. Joe is also a Cannes-winning advertising copywriter and has worked on projects for brands that include Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and AT&T.