GYST helps you tackle all the important stuff that feels overwhelming and frankly no one wants to do, starting with Estate Plans. GYST breaks all of the things into small doable tasks. Do each one and you'll quickly draft, finalize, store, and share all those vital documents.

Our Story

Life goes sideways sometimes. When it did for GYST's Co-founders, we found ourselves overwhelmed and under prepared.

  • One of us lost her husband in an accident. She was left with no emergency savings, an unsigned will, and outdated insurance policies.
  • Another lost his mother, who was the primary caretaker for his paraplegic father. He was living out of state and had to immediately drop everything and navigate the elder care system. Ouch.
  • Another co-founder's father had a life-threatening accident outside the US. He had not made his wishes clear about what to do if he found himself in the ICU.

And as it turns out, we are in good company. More than half of the US adult population doesn't have an estate plan. Slightly less than half those age 40-59 find themselves caring for our aging parents and younger children. And most of us don't have savings to cover those what-if situations.

What's holding us all back?

  • 42% of us are overwhelmed by the information out there today
  • 35% don't know where to start
  • 31% simply get stuck

Our Mission

Our mission is for all of us to get our shit together. It's not difficult. And just think of how much better you'll feel when it's done.

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Our Team

Jessica Ostrow

CEO & Co-Founder

Jessica Ostrow is an entrepreneur that is laser focused on bringing a modern solution to market, helping consumers get results around the important plans in life, GYST. She brings over 20 years' experience in developing business strategies, consumer and business-to-business marketing, technology product management as well as managing operations and working across global markets. She has led marketing communications and advertising organizations for leading brands at Microsoft, POSSIBLE, a WPP agency,as well as provided strategic marketing consulting services to technology companies including Getty Images, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others mobile and technology companies. Her passion is consumer products and services.

Chanel Reynolds

Co-Founder & VP of Engagement and Community

Chanel Reynolds is both a digital professional and an entrepreneur having founded GetYourShitTogether.org. She brings those experiences and her focus on stories and communities as a Co-Founder of GYST. Her site getyourshittogeher.org launched in 2013 and reached millions worldwide, inspiring people everywhere with her story and giving them the 'kick in the pants' they needed to take care of the basics. Her story and the site have been featured in in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, LifeHacker, BoingBoing, and on CBS, ABC, NPR, and Redbook magazine.

Previously, she was an Interactive Strategist and Program Manager with leading creative agencies, producing digital experiences for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Microsoft, Tom's of Maine, and Starbucks. Her roots are in the arts and non-profit world as the founding Managing Director for Worldchanging.com, launching a contemporary arts center, and even spending a year as an international adventure travel guide.

Phil Shigo

Co-Founder & VP of Business Development

Phil Shigo continues to expand his entrepreneurial passion as Co-Founder of GYST after starting another company akin to a Trip Advisor for Elder Care. His focus is always on the customer and their experience, whether at the helm of a digital agency Creature or as part of the pioneering efforts that led to one of the world's largest online travel agency – Expedia. He has been convinced that asking better questions could lead to solving more pressing problems for clients and consumers. His value comes from working with cross-disciplinary leaders on difficult challenges related to business, product and brand strategy. Professional development is a passion he relishes the opportunity to mentor and work with young talent that is poised for greatness.